Voluntary service and exchanges

We award grants to international collaborations within the EU-programme Erasmus+.

Ungdomar sitter och solar på en trappa

Erasmus+ is an EU-programme that makes it possible to conduct practical work in the field of youth policy at the local, regional, national and European levels. The Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society is the national office for the programme.

Grants within the field of voluntary service, exchanges and partnerships

European Voluntary Service

Youths may work as volunteers in another country and obtain international experience.

Youth Exchanges

Grants to youth exchanges between youth groups from different countries in Europe. The exchanges may focus on youth culture, environmental issues or prejudice.

Strategic partnerships

Grants to organisations or informal groups of young people active in youth work for funding to run joint projects aimed at improving youth work practises.

Only Swedish municipalities, Swedish organisations and Swedish foundations are eligible for financial support from the Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society.