Running organisations

We distribute grants to ethnic organisations, LGBTQ organisations and organisations that work to promote the participation and organisation of women and youths.

Händer som drejar

Organisations may be awarded grants for their daily work, e.g. to pay the salary of an administrative assistant or for other administrative work.

The organisation must be working with relevant issues in Sweden, and its activities must be focused on people who live in Sweden.

Grants for running organisations

Organisations for children and youths

Grants to children’s and youths’ organisations to create better conditions for children and youths to organise independently and to independently exert influence in society.

Ethnic organisations

Grants to ethnic organisations that work with language, culture, identity and participation in society.

LGBTQ organisations

Grants to organisations that work to improve the position in society of homo- and bisexual persons, transgender persons and persons with a transgender identity or expression.

Women's organisations

This grant is intended to help women’s organisations to organise to monitor their rights and promote their demands. It is intended to promote women’s participation in the democratic process and in society.

Only Swedish municipalities, Swedish organisations and Swedish foundations are eligible for financial support from the Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society.