Democracy, politics and influence

We distribute grants in order to encourage more people to join organisations and to become involved in EU-issues and politics. Promoting young people’s influence is also one of the overarching objectives of youth policy in Sweden.

Människor i en tunnel

Grants in the field of democracy, politics and influence

Europe for Citizens

These grants are intended to create a sense of solidarity among the citizens of the EU and to bridge the distance between EU institutions and EU citizens.

Projects organised by women’s organisations

Grants to support the participation of women in the social life of society and in the democratic process. This form of funding may also be awarded for the purpose of international exchanges that serve to strengthen the organisation of women.

Meetings of young people and those responsible for youth policy

Grants to organise seminars at the national or international level to provide youths and persons with responsibility for youth policy with the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences.

Studies of civil society

A grant awarded to researchers for studies on developments in civil society, its organisation and the interplay between civil society and the wider community in general.

The organisation of young people

Grants to create better local conditions for young people to exert influence and become organised in society.

Only Swedish municipalities, Swedish organisations and Swedish foundations are eligible for financial support from the Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society.