Civil society policy

The goal of this policy is to facilitate civil society’s capacity to continue to play an important role in democracy – by giving people opportunities to participate and by contributing to welfare and the development of society.
Personer håller varandra i händerna

This is civil society

Civil society is comprised of all types of organisations and associations that are not constituted by the state, the market or by individual households. One could also speak of the voluntary sector, or of clubs and associations, i.e. when people come together and organise themselves because they have a common goal, ideal or interest of some kind.

Civil society policy – this is what we do

Producing and disseminating knowledge

The Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society produces and disseminates knowledge on the conditions affecting civil society and its development to municipalities and public sector agencies so that they have better knowledge and a better understanding when they make decisions relating to civil society. We do this by publishing reports, by funding research and by organising conferences.

Dialogue and collaboration

We believe in dialogue and collaboration in relation to the dissemination of knowledge and we have therefore, among other things, initiated a network of public sector agencies, and we also maintain a dialogue with municipalities and regions. We also administer the Joint Party Forum – a dialogue between representatives from voluntary organisations and the government.

Tool for facilitating influence

We disseminate knowledge on The Code – a tool that may be used by municipalities, public sector agencies and associations in order to evaluate and discuss their collaborations.

Our target groups

Our work is primarily focused on politicians and officials in government, municipalities, county councils, county administrative boards and other public sector agencies. These are the groups who are most able to change the conditions affecting civil society.